10 solid strategies for successfully managing remote teams

Working remotely is no longer a trend but a necessity owing to the resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic. Today, institutions rely largely on technology and consider remote working to be an integral part of their process. It is an uphill task to run operations in these testing times. So, here are a few ways to handle your team remotely during the pandemic.

1. Encourage and implement scheduled daily stand-ups

It is important to be in loop with your colleagues. A call to start your working hours can help your team focus on areas that need attention. You can even educate and inform the team on the progress made and the areas that needs improvement. Doing so, will bring in a sense of accountability.

2.  Communicate

You have to make sure that every member of the team consistently communicates with each other during work. This is one of the hardest things to do when you are working remotely. The lack of communication could affect the progress of the projects.

3. Allocate resources according to priority

Every institution provides its employees with resources to do their jobs. Tools like laptops, mobile devices or a high-speed internet connection can help employees do their tasks effectively, especially when they are working remotely. You have to ensure that they have all the necessary resources to do their jobs.

4. Avoid/Resolve conflict

This is integral to making sure that the productivity of the company is not affected. Team-mates should resolve conflicts and work with each other, so that it helps the company in the long run.

5. Prioritize the well-being of the employees

Companies need to prioritize employees’ well-being during the ongoing pandemic. It has caused high level of anxiety and stress among the employees. Many have serious emotional and mental health issues, stemming from isolation. When employees are unhappy and unhealthy, they are most likely not engaged to their work, which could hamper your productivity. Injecting fun can help alleviate the situation. Companies can even formulate support groups to help their employees.

6. Be Flexible

All of us lead distinct lives. We have our social commitments, be it to our parents, friends, family. It is important to let people have their space and not confine them to a rigid schedule. This could potentially be a hiccup in terms of productivity.

7. Engage in fun activities

Engaging in fun activities like monopoly night, pizza party, and video game sessions have become the norm for establishing rapport amongst colleagues. This helps in reducing the stress and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

8. Use technology

It is no secret that we would rather be isolated and quarantined with technology than without it. We have come a long way to instant messaging and facetime and it has never been easier to reach out. Also, it is important to keep your team connected using technological tools. It will keep everyone engaged.

9. Keep your eye on the ball

Remote working comes with its set of challenges. A communication gap could lead to delay in completing a project. Teams should drive, push and resolve these obstacles and focus on the delivery. There is no excuse if there’s no end product. It is encouraged to develop a sense of initiative in everyone involved to ensure an optimized working environment.

10. To draw a line from work/home balance

You need to draw a line between professional and personal life. Remote working has led to an unpleasant practice of encroaching into these boundaries. It is not advisable to seek professional courtesy post-working hours. It is a delicate balance that has to be maintained for the morale of the workers.

Align to The new norm

Remote working has become the new norm. Companies have reinvented themselves to work through the pandemic. They have dropped their conventional practices and adopted technology to aid them in the process.

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